Chelsea | Bridal Portraits

Sunset Bridal Portraits at the Wildlife Basin

Hollywood, SC

A little over a year ago, I captured Chelsea’s bridal portraits for her. At that point, Chelsea had already been such a huge part of my family’s life as she babysat my boys weekly while I was editing, shooting weddings, and going to meetings. Our family absolutely adored her.

Chelsea immediately fit right into our family. The boys were excited every time she was coming over, and I’m pretty sure my youngest son, Tanner had (and still has) as crush on her. Every now and then, Tanner and Levi will bring her up and ask about her, and Tanner’s question is always “Is Chelsea done being married yet?!”. It makes me laugh and I try to explain things to him, however he’s 4.. sooo what I say goes in one ear and out of the other. We knew when we hired Chelsea that it was going to be a temporary thing, as she was engaged and was going to eventually move away. I knew we would be sad to lose our Chelsea, but I think it hit us a little harder than we expected.

When Chelsea asked the boys to be ring bearers in her wedding we were all SO excited. The boys would forever be a part of such a special day for someone who was so special to us. Naturally, when Chelsea asked if I could do her bridal portraits, I was even more excited. I never had the chance to share these because this time last year, I was swamped with weddings and horrible about blogging. With the Coronavirus pandemic and Spring 2020 weddings essentially coming to a halt, I was able to set aside some time to write up a post for them. I figured what better day than a #throwbackthursday to share some of my most favorite bridal portraits to-date. So alas, here are a few favs from Chelsea’s session! ENJOY!!



April 2, 2020

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